Re: NVDA Configuration File

David Mehler


Adding to this, does either making a portable copy or the nvda.ini
file also copy over custom key labels? I've got a machine that I've
customized how certain keys are pronounced and i'd like to port that
to other machines.


On 10/25/19, Roger Stewart <> wrote:
Yes, you can use a portable copy to make an installed copy. I have done
it a couple times.

On 10/25/2019 9:48 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

You can create a portable copy of nvda with all of your settings and
run it from the flash drive on the new computer. I think but i'm not
sure, if there is a way to turn the portable into an installed copy, I
cannot remember at this point in time but good luck.

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On 25 Oct 2019, at 7:33, Hicks Steven (CORNWALL IT SERVICES) via
Groups.Io wrote:

Hi all,

Is there a file that I can copy from NVDA which is all the
settings e.g. the key echo and startup options etc?

This is so that if I put it on another machine, I can quickly
reset it to the way that I like it?


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