Re: Using USB headphones with NVDA:

Sarah k Alawami

Sure. That's the beauty of these cards. You can set your default to your internal card then hit nvda control s to get to the synth dialogue and choose what card you want to the synth to come through. If it is not control nvda s try shift control nvda s. I'm not on my windows computer but I hope that helps a bit.

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On 25 Oct 2019, at 13:06, Angel wrote:

I am a new user of NVDA.  I love it so far.  I was previously using Jaws.  At one time while I was using Jaws, I employed USB head phones.  To hear Jaws through them.  While, at the same time, listening to my favorite music through my speakers.  Those USB head phones have long since bitten the dust.  I was wanting to purchase another set of USB head phones.  That I might listen to NVDA.  While listening to my music at the same time through my speakers.  Is this possible using NVDA? 

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