Re: The INXS ability of PowerPoint on the Internet

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NVDA IS not reading the power point presentation                                                                    .

From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2019 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] The INXS ability of PowerPoint on the Internet


On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 02:49 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Actually, no, the message is blank.

That is absolutely correct.  It's immediately obvious to me if someone is bottom-posting, and if they are I would mention it just as Gene did.

There is no content other than the quoted content in the responses.  I have absolutely no idea why, but I doubt that this was Cecelia's intent, so letting her know is the thing to do.  Until and unless this issue is resolved, we're stuck, and I doubt it's on the end or we'd be seeing it for others, too.

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