Re: NVDA's OCR not working on Facebook.

John Isige

If I'm using the post itself, I arrow to the part that says "image may
contain". If I open the link, I arrow until I'm in the middle of the
stuff that says "graphic" and some URL gibberish. I'm pretty sure the
images are displayed in my feed because I think I've had my wife look at
some, but I can get her to check tonight.

On 10/30/2019 0:25, Sascha Cowley via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi there,

I haven't experienced the problem you're having, and when I navigate
to that link and run OCR I get correct output.

In terms of why just running OCR on the original link to the image
doesn't work, it may be that the image isn't being displayed. I use
mobile Facebook in Firefox, too, and can visually confirm that, for
me, images aren't loaded in newsfeed, but I can't remember if I had to
change a setting for it to be that way.

When you say you highlight the image, what do you mean? I can
literally just open the link and run OCR, since it is just an image.



On 30/10/2019 16:05, John Isige wrote:
Hi all. I might have asked about this before, but if there was an
answer, I don't remember it. I'm using NVDA 2019.2.1, Windows 1903
64-bit with the latest updates, Firefox 70.0 64-bit. I'm going to As the subject says, OCR doesn't work for me on
Facebook. Here's a post, as it appears to me. I apologize for the
potentially political content, it's literally the first post with a
meme/picture that showed up in my scroll.

"Fun fact - data works.
Pro-Choice win. Pro-Life win. Teen win. State win. Taxpayer win.
So. Much. Winning.
CrabDiving Podcast
Truth bomb
Image may contain: 1 person, text"

If I highlight the image, i.e. the line that says "image may
contain", and hit NVDA-r, it says it's doing OCR, and I get a blank
window, in other words, nothing has been recognized. If I click on
that link, and then click on the "view full size" link that comes up,
and maximize the window, and do OCR after making sure I'm
highlighting part of the image, I get nothing. However, if I *save*
the image and run KNFB Reader on it, I get this.

"Ally Maynard @missmayn In 2009, Colorado began offering teens free
IUDs without parental consent. Within 8 years teen pregnancies
dropped 54%. Teen abortion rates fell by 64%. For every $1 spent on
the program the state saved $5.85 in labor and delivery costs,
child-care assistance and food stamps. There is a reasonable and
logical way to lower abortions. 97.940 notes"

Am I doing something wrong? If not, any ideas why this isn't working?
I'm using Windows 10 OCR, I uninstalled the OCR addon when 10's OCR
happened but just in case I checked, and it's definitely not
installed. I see a *lot* of stuff like this from people, memes with
text that is, and it's getting really annoying. At least if I can
find out what it's about, I can be annoyed by the actual content or
block them or make fun of them or such, as the occasion demands. In
case it's helpful, here's the giant link to the image, it spans
multiple lines.

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