Re: Problem with Excel

Quentin Christensen

Which version of Excel (and which version of NVDA) are you using?  As I mentioned in my other reply, there was an issue with Excel last year from memory where that would happen, but it should have been fixed.  If for some reason you are stuck on a version with that problem, the fix was to go into Excel's advanced options and toggle "allow editing in-cells".

You could also try NVDA's "COM Registration fixing tool" if you are getting "blank" and "unknown' in other places as well - press NVDA+N, then T, then down arrow to "COM registration fixing tool" and press ENTER.



On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 1:52 PM tek with prathmesh basatwar <Prathmeshbasatwar@...> wrote:

actually friends I have facing the problem regarding Excel whenever I am trying to edit any cell of Excel by pressing f2 key my screen display in blank blank I want to edit the cell of Excel but it is not supporting so what I should do now

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