Re: Microsoft one core voices

George McCoy

You don't have to download languages to get the associated voices in windows 10 1903.

Press windows key plus i to open settings.

In the search box type ease of access narrator settings.

Down arrow once and press enter to enter Narrator settings.

Tab through the settings to a link labeled Add More voices and press enter.

Tab 6 times to the add voices button and click it.

You can enter a language in the search box or arrow through the list.

You are not installing the language, as far as I can determine, just the voices associated with it.

Select the language(s) you want with the space bar.

You can select as many as you like.

Tab once to the add button and click it to add the voices you selected.

The process takes a few minutes because the voices must be downloades and installed.

When the installations are complete, close settings.

The new voices will appear in the speech section of the NvDA settings dialog.


On 10/31/2019 2:01 PM, Don H wrote:
Running Win 10 1903 and latst released NVDA.
TTrying to add more one core voices.
So far what I have done is go to windows settings then time and language then speech.  I wend to add a voice and selected English Canda.  I now have English Canada, English British and English United States shown as my voice options.  However when I go to NVDA settings under speech One core voices I think I only have English United states voices.  What step am I mkissing?

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