A friendly reminder from an add-on developer: plese provide details if you run into problems with an add-on or two


Hi everyone,

Over the last few days, I have received several reports of one of my add-ons (specifically, Windows 10 App Essentials) not working for some of you. Whenever I get reports like this, I try my best to think about what could have gone wrong and attempt to provide a solution.

Part of the reason why I couldn’t respond to you all on a timely basis (besides due to a speech tournament) is the fact that some reports did not include details I needed. Specifically, I need the following information when you report add-on problems:

  • NVDA version you’ve got.
  • Add-on version in use.
  • For certain add-ons, Windows release you are using (and for Windows 10 App Essentials, specific Windows 10 release you are using, because just saying “Windows 10” will not cut anymore).
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem, including keyboard shortcuts you tried to use.
  • What was expected versus what actually happened.
  • If it is a synthesizer problem, which one you were using when the problem occurred.
  • For an app issue, which app, version, and problem steps.
  • A debug log fragment (to view log in debug mode, restart NVDA with debug logging enabled and press NVDA+F1 to open log viewer).

Please include as much info as possible the next time you run into add-on problems. As for Windows 10 App Essentials issue reported by Ollie, I’ll investigate once details are received. Thanks.



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