Ms Word behaving strangely around pages

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

Hi everyone,

For a few days I've realized that Word behaves very strangely.  I can't just press the down arrow or up arrow to go to the next page or previous page, when I'm at the end/bottom of a page.  That sounded like a minor discomfort (I had to activate the application mode and use the arrow keys) but it has become a pain as I can't select text spanning on several pages.  Who's the guilty one?  I don't remember turning on or off any setting in NVDA, but maybe I did.  Though it looks like an annoying setting in Word itself, a setting that was added more recently since I don't think I had this issue.

Does anyone else experience the same behavior and, if so, have you find a workaround?

Microsoft Word: office 365.

NVDA: 2019.2.

Settings: use UI automation in Word: no.

Thanks for your help,


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