Using Surface Pro with touchscreen only?

Denis Sariyannis

Hi all,
I just got my new Surface Pro 7 which runs Windows 10 with NVDA as my primary screenreader.
Of course I use the device as a notebook and it works very well. NVDA is extremely responsive, too.
Now I wonder if it would make sense to learn about its touchscreen and to run it also in tablet mode. From what I've seen so far it seems to be quite complicated for example to navigate through a list of files in Windows Explorer or to work with menus.
Furthermore NVDA regularly doesn't recognize gestures correctly. Flicking left and right with two fingers often gets interpreted as a single finger flick etc. The iPad seems to be much more precise when doing that.
Does it make sense to keep trying and maybe even turning on Narrator instead when using it without a keyboard or is it not really usable productively?
Maybe you could give me some hints and tell about your experiences?
Thank you!


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