Re: Links on websites with submenus and/or links that NVDA can't interact with

Jonathan COHN

So, if this is a website with MouseOver actions that do not have equivalent keyboard interaction, then you probably will not have much luck. Gene's use of turning off JavaScript is interesting, sometimes sites are better at working without JavaScript than they are with general universal design. You will often find Developers that will create lists of all the links, and then hide those links with JavaScript, only to make them visible again on certain actions.
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Hi all,

I just visited the following website:

I notice that when going there, there is a number sign at the end of
the address. There are multiple websites I've found like this, and
each time I've encountered issues.
On this particular site I believe the main links open up drop downs
with additional links underneath the main one. Is there a way, whether
via addons or other, to make this and other sites like this usable,
short of contacting the webmaster who may or may not change the links
to make them clickable? Jaws simply announces the links as mouse
overs, but has the same result as NVDA. I've come across sites where
to hover over content, you can simply activate object navigation and
route the mouse cursor to the link in question and more information
will be present. Not with this one, however...

Any help would be appreciated. Tried switching browsers as well.

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