Re: Urgent help needed NVDA was not able to loa Microsoft SAPI 5

Quentin Christensen

I wouldn't immediately jump to reinstalling Windows just yet.

Can you use eSpeak NG?  Also can you give us the exact error you get when you try to load a SAPI 5 synthesizer?  Have you installed, updated or uninstalled anything recently?

The log didn't make it through - they can't be sent to the list, but you can send it to me offlist at info@... if you like.

If it's a language issue, if you open NVDA's general settings (assuming you can still use any of NVDA?) can you set the language to English instead of default?  And if that works, it might be worth checking what your Windows language is set to just in case that has changed.



On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 4:56 PM Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <> wrote:

Very annoying to me.

Today I wake up to find that my NVDA suddenly doesn't speak English.

If I try to set Microsoft SAPI 5 as the speach engine, NVDA display
error message that the speech synth was not able to load.

The problem also exist if I try to load RH voice.

For details, I have included in the log file here.

I am very very upset now. Could any one offer me a fix for it. Many thanks.


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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