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It sounds as though NVDA isn't reading the save as dialog when the file has never been saved before.  If the file has been saved before, there is no save as dialog.  The new version of the file is saved.  If it isn't, because the control s command didn't work for some reason, when you try to close the program, you will be asked if you want to save the changes, so you will know if you need to save the message.  but the save as dialog should be read when it appears when you first save the document.

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I have been using screen readers for years, though not WindowEyes, and cannot remember a time when i relied on a “document saved” message appearing.  When editing a document in Word or Notepad, Control+s is the shortcut to save your document without exiting from it.  Using this shortcut implies that you want to save your document contents at that point. If you then use alt+f4 to close the document, it will close. 

If your document contains unsaved changes and you try to close it using Alt+f4, you will get a message asking if you want to save the document or not  .  At this point you have 3 choices:

you can press the ‘Save’ button – saves the document and closes it  

You can press the ‘don’t Save’ button – Closes the document without saving it. **

You can press the ‘Cancel’ button – returns focus to the document which remains open.


** Word contains options to auto-save a document at timed intervals whilst editing.  If this feature is active, when choosing not to save, you may get a further choice to disregard all changes or only those made since a particular auto-save point.


So, in a nutshell, if you want to be asked if you want to save or not, don’t bother with Control+s, just press alt+f4.   If there are unsaved changes you will get the Save/Don’t Save dialog, if you haven’t changed anything the document will close.




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Hi Arlene,

Using Notepad in Win7 the control-s command saves my document. What I do not hear in NVDA is the question “do you want to save the document” and the statement “document saved.”

I use Window-Eyes and it tells me what I want and like to hear! I was doing some editing earlier this evening using NVDA and found other differences on the QBraille display I use. If and when it becomes necessary to only use NVDA it will take some getting used to on my Win10 PC since it does not use Window-Eyes. There are days when Grandpa DOS wishes he could go back to DOS again!

Thanks for your reply.

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