Re: Windows 10/nvda/powershell 64

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

powershell is accessible with NVDA?
In my experience, it didn't..... even I copy a command and press enter, it didn't speak the result.....

Brian's Mail list account 於 26/7/2016 15:46 寫道:

Hi, I assume folk are aware of this strange behaviour. Powershell is not something I use a lot, basically a glorified command prompt, but the 32 bit version has served me well on all machines before, and indeed works fine in windows 10, but..
I did last night run the 64 bit version and found the following with nvda. Typing into the command line is silent, but cursoring and deleting works
Running a command etc, results in a mixed spoken output of normal text output and single letters, ie spelled out speech, rather than that part of the output.
Anyone know what causes this weird effect?
Its not fixed in the next branch cos I tried it last night.
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