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Since, in my experience, there are times when a command needs to be issued twice, issuing control so twice, pausing briefly between times, will be just about certain to save the document.  So if you issue the command twice, the likelihood of both times failing is so small that there is no need to worry.  I'm not thinking of times when you are going to close the document, I'm thinking of times when you do some work and you want to save your work before adding or changing more in the document.

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I don't quite understand why you heard that and we don't. I just never need to hear it, not on any platform I use. I just like I said assume. You don't need to really hear it but just alt f4 or how ever you get out of the windows, control w also works and if you get that prompt you will know you did not invoke the save dialogue. If you saved and got that dialogue and you invoked the control s you will know it just saved as it should just work.

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On 7 Nov 2019, at 9:04, Grant Metcalf wrote:

Thank you for suggesting using the alt-f4 command to see if the document needs to be saved. That will be of some help to Grandpa DOS. Still wish I could hear “document saved”, however, when using the control-s command. :_)
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