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Have a look under the browse mode settings in NVDA Use the ctrl key + nvda key + the letter B to bring up this dialogue menu. Then tab down until you hear Automatic focus mode for caret movement and check the box.

On my machine I also have the one under neath it checked also and instead of hearing sounds I have the one called Audio indication of focus and browse modes un checked.

I can hear the difference between the 2 modes like focus mode where you can type and browse mode where you can use quick navigation keys.

There is a short cut where it can stay in focus mode until it is changed but can not remember it at present. I think you just added the shift key along with space bar and nvda key to do it.

But i think more used say like face book etc.

Gene nz

On 8/11/2019 9:44 am, Moty Azrad wrote:

Dear all,


With Jaws, I can set forms mode on as auto or semi-auto.

In NVDA, I try to find the settings to change forms mode on to automatic, but didn’t find it in the settings.


Any help please.




Moti Azrad 

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