Re: NVDA adding and changing settings

Luke Davis

On Fri, 8 Nov 2019, Quentin Christensen wrote:

I copied part of an image, and NVDA simply reports the time (visually there's a thumbnail of what was copied).  I tried copying a few cells out of an Excel
worksheet and it reads those on those clipboard.  It doesn't seem to remember files - Maybe they just haven't added that yet?
Personally, I doubt they ever will. Keep in mind what happens when you copy and paste files. The file's path is placed on the clipboard, not the file itself. When you paste it, a copy or move operation takes place.

The clipboard doesn't actually know if you did a cut or copy, it just knows that a path arrived, was stored, and later was pasted.

If you did a cut, that source path is no longer valid, so what would it show?
If you did a copy, the source path could still potentially be valid, but if you switched removable drives since then, it might lead to a place that doesn't exist any more.

Much easier to just not show anything for files, since odds are most of the time what is shown will be inaccurate.

I suppose that they could just show the path that was copied and leave it at that, without letting you take any actions on it, but that seems like it would lead to more confusion for users who don't understand.


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