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HI all.  I actually have replaced Chrome with Opera as my default browser and have no cause to regret my action.  It is a fast, efficient browser with a real effective ad blocker that gets rid of ads that litter articles you want to read.  While chrome promotes those ads, Opera blocks them, allowing you to get a smoother, uninterupted read of articles that interest you, which also incidentally makes copying and pasting of articles or snippets much easier.  Years ago, Opera was hardly accessible.  Now, i think it beats the standard mainstream browsers any time.  They have, indeed, come a very long way.  Cheers!

On 11/8/2019 2:32 PM, Bobby Vinton wrote:

Well opera still updates and it is chrome based

On 11/8/2019 1:14 AM, Arlene wrote:

What? Opera browser still exists?  I’ve heard of it when I was on the jaws list. Not the list that Debbi Scales ran. She was for beginners and advancing users. I was on the list for more advanced users. There was where I heard about the Opera Browser. Can anybody use it? Or is it for more advanced users where they do computer coding? Sorry for the long message. I thought Opera was a thing of the past.


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i just tried it one time and it worked.

i dont remember which version i installed.


On 11/8/19, Bobby Vinton <vinton.bobby5277@...> wrote:

> Hay I was wondering if the opera browser works with a screen reader such

> as nvda?  just let me know and I will try it





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