Re: NVDA+Outlook, and number of new messages

Cearbhall O'Meadhra


Close all open emails and make sure that your cursor is resting on any
closed message in the current folder.
Press control+Shif+tab to opens the "Folder List". NVDA announces "Folder
List minimised".
Press space bar to expand the list.
Arrow down to the folder you want or type the initial letter of the folder
Note that NVDA speaks the number of messages contained in the folder after
giving the folder name.

You can also open the Folder List by using control+y but this view of the
list does not show the number of emails contained in each folder.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA+Outlook, and number of new messages


I am looking for a method in NVDA to determine the number of new messages
arriving in Outlook's in-box, spam folder, and junk mail. Does NVDA offer
such info without my having to arrow up and down each list in each folder?


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