Announcement of Tracked Changes in Word

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I don't often use tracked changes in Word but needed to on a placement with a publisher back in May and I did again recently. I don't have any trouble making edits with tracked changes on, but is there any way to get NVDA to announce ‘Tracked Changes On’ when the shortcut keystroke Press control+shift+e is pressed to turn them on or off, the way that ‘Bold on’ / ‘bold off’, ‘italic on’ and ‘italic off’ are activated with control+b and control+i?

It'd be handy to know whether tracked changes were on before typing, especialy if you start editing a docuemnt in the morning, then break for lunch and resume editing ... yes, you can type something but, if tracked changes are indeed already on and you stop to check whether the word you just typed has been registered as a change, then the next thing you type counts as a second tracked change rather than part of the first one.

Thanks :)


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