Re: How can I make a shortcut on the desktop?


Given that several browsers now use drag and drop to create desktop shortcuts, I tell people to use this method, which is more complicated than what one can use in browsers that have a "create shortcut" function, but that is entirely browser agnostic.

1. Get to the address box for the page for which you wish to create the shortcut, do a CTRL+A to make sure it's selected, then CTRL+C to Copy.

2. Go to the Windows desktop via WinKey+D, then hit SHIFT+F10 to bring up the context menu.

3. Find the New item, Shortcut subitem (very often hitting W followed by S immediately after the context menu appears will do this, and open the Shortcut dialog).

4. In the text box labeled, "Type the location of the item," paste the URL you copied in step one, then activate the Next button.

5. In the box labeled, "Type a name for this shortcut," enter whatever you wish to have it called on the Desktop.  Activate the OK button.

You now have a shortcut on your desktop that will use your default web browser to open that web page.

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