Re: NVDA and google chrome

Don H

I have clickable switch off as well.

On 11/9/2019 12:28 PM, Gene wrote:
I just tested using Chrome and the current version of NVDA.  I don't hear title.  But I do hear "clickable" before every heading in the web results is read. I'm talking about the web results, where all these headings are links to results.
Also, if I down arrow, then up arrow back to the link, "clickable" isn't spoken.  If I up arrow, then down arrow to the link, it is.
I'm using default settings.  I don't know how long this behavior has been occurring.  Usually, I have clickable not set to be spoken.
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Running Win 10 1903 and latest vversions of Google Chrome and NVDA.
My normal way of using Google Chrome is to enter my search data and hit
enter.  Then I use the h key to move by header to each of the results.
Noticing today that when I now do this NVDA says title before each
search result when I hit the h key.  Never noticed this before. Did I
somehow change this to cause NVDA to say title?

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