Editing text using NVDA Braille Input


Hi all,
Hope I am posting this to the correct place.
I am using a Brailliant with NVDA. When trying to correct a typing error I am unable to do this using the braille display in grade 2.
For example, if I want to type 'make' but type 'cake' by mistake. I use the cursor routing keys to move to the 'c' delete it using backspace and then want to braille the 'm'. However, I cannot get the 'm' to display. It shows on the braille device, however, will not be displayed in Word. And as soon as I move the cursor, the 'm' disappears from the braille display. I understand that in grade 2 you usually have to press space or use punctuation in order for the braille to display on screen. However, is there a way to get around this when editing text?

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