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Shaun Oliver

I would like to comment here, and I hope my comments are not out of line.

Firstly, to not update your screenreader, browser or operating system is inherently flawed thinking.

Quite apart from anything else, updating these things plugs up security holes and exploits that were found, hense the updates in the first place.

While updates have their own inherent bugs, issues, holes and the like, they are constantly being plugged, patched and fixed when they are noticed, or insiders, beta testers and developers find or are notified of them.

There are some arguments for not updating, and while they are valid, they are not always practical in that you become susceptible to the aforementioned vulnerabilities.

In the case of windows10, it is not too much of a steep learning curb from windows7 and in many respects provides you with better performance and once you get the hang of it, a more efficient way of performing everyday tasks, as well as tweaking and peaking settings.

Here's where I may come under fire, because it is my personal belief, that to not update or patch your system, especially in this day and age, where crackers, and please note the term I used, as opposed to hackers, are also getting smarter, is the height of folly and stupidity.

I appologise for my harsh words on the subject, but it behooves us as competent computer operators to insure our system is up to date. even if we are not all competent computer operators, it is on us to insure that someone with the requisite knowledge maintains our systems so that they always run smoothly and efficiently.

On 12/11/2019 18:04, zahra wrote:
i never update my browser, operating system, screen reader etc.

On 11/12/19, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm using the latest firefox and don't have any crashing issues, I'd say
update and bite the bullet. You will have to anyway at some point.

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On 11 Nov 2019, at 19:57, zahra wrote:

which version of firefox do you use?
for myself, i promised and i have firm belief that never use more than
firefox 52.3 esr, which have everythings that i need, and i never use
firefox quantum.
i tested firefox 61.0.1 and the result was frequent crashing of
firefox which i never face in none quantum versions of firefox.

On 11/12/19, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi good people:
I am having two different problems which I will like you chas to
The first problem is with the NVDA screen reader itself.
When I start my computer, and the screen reader turns up, and I hear
"loading NVDA please wait:" nothing comes up again. I have to press
the key combination alttab twice to get back to NVDA, to hear
to NVDA dialog. What exactly is happening here:
Added to that, It is just too slow, when I am working on the
internet. Many times, it crashes when i am on a website, and I have
to go back to the desktop, to start it again.
Sometimes, it take for ever for it to start reading a website. It
sometimes crashes the site, and never gets to read anything. All I
hear is Icon Icon.
Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I have NVDA 2019.2 on
my computer.
I preferrably use Mozilla firefox as my browser.
The second issue or problem is this:
When I download a program and I attempt to install it, all I hear is
the program name mentioned, then set up, and nothing gets set up.
I hope this particular problem is well understood.
How can I get to set up these programs when I hear set up, and after
long wait, nothing gets set up or installed.
I need help with both issues.
Kind regards.

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