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Ibrahim Ajayi

How do I switch on the installer when I wantt to install program

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Date: 11/12/19 1:43 AM (GMT+01:00)
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Regarding the first problem, it sounds like you either have too many
background services running, or your system is simply not powerful
enough to run a screen-reader comfortably. Although NVDA is (as far as I
know) one of the most lightweight screen-readers around, unfortunately
all such programs are necessarily somewhat resource intensive. Without
knowing more information (E.G. what version of Windows you're running),
I can't say anything more specific. It could also be an issue of NVDA
addons. Have you recently installed any? Do you have a lot of addons

Turning to your second issue, have you tried switching to the installer
or UAC window? Sometimes they don't always come to the foreground. It
could also be a matter of Windows Smart Screen. I believe this is
accessible with NVDA, but may need to be switched to as well. Beyond
that, I can't help as I have it disabled.

On 12/11/2019 11:08, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
> Hi good people:
> I am having two different problems which I will like you chas to address.
> The first problem is with the NVDA screen reader itself.
> When I start my computer, and the screen reader turns up, and I hear
> "loading NVDA please wait:" nothing comes up again.  I have to press
> the key combination alttab twice to get back to NVDA, to hear "welcome
> to NVDA dialog.  What exactly is happening here:
>   Added to that, It is just too slow, when I am working on the
> internet.  Many times, it crashes when i am on a website, and I have
> to go back to the desktop, to start it again.
> Sometimes, it take for ever for it to start reading a website.  It
> sometimes crashes the site, and never gets to read anything.  All I
> hear is Icon Icon.
> Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I have NVDA 2019.2 on
> my computer.
> I preferrably use Mozilla firefox as my browser.
> The second issue or problem is this:
> When I download a program and I attempt to install it, all I hear is
> the program name mentioned, then set up, and nothing gets set up.
> I hope this particular problem is well understood.
> How can I get to set up these programs when I hear set up, and after a
> long wait, nothing gets set up or installed.
> I need help with both issues.
> Kind regards.
> Ibrahim.

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