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Chris Mullins

If you take a look at the Welcome screen there is a check box you can use to stop the box appearing every time you start NVDA. Once you have chosen the settings featured in the box, they will remain in force until you change them in the relevant settings dialogs. It's personal choice but I have only ever used the Welcome dialog After installing a new NVDA version. Once used it's not really required again and just adds time to the start up process.

When you hear the 'Loading NVDA' announcement, depending on your machine speed, NVDA will be usable within seconds. When my machine is booting-up for the first time, NVDA starts up with focus on the Desktop. After an NVDA restart, it announces 'Task bar'which is what gains focus when NVDA restarts. If your machine is particularly quick, you may not even hear the 'Loading NVDA' message before NVDA becomes usable. Note: I don't know wat screen area gains focus if you don't have a task bar available, such as when you are in tablet mode. Note also, you do not have to return to the Desktop to restart NVDA, the Desktop icon has a shourtcut associated with it. You can press Control+Alt+n to restart NVDA at any time and when using any app.

As someone else has suggested, crashes whilst browsing may be caused by malware, I am not a FireFox user so cannot comment on the stability of that product.

When trying to install apps, it sounds like your problem could be caused by the User Account Control dialog (UAC) requiring attention before the app installation can proceed. It is a most annoying situation that NVDA does not move focus to the UAC dialog and you have to alt+Tab around your machine until you land on it. When the UAC dialog is in focus press Alt+y to allow the app installer to run.


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Hi good people:
I am having two different problems which I will like you chas to address.
The first problem is with the NVDA screen reader itself.
When I start my computer, and the screen reader turns up, and I hear "loading NVDA please wait:" nothing comes up again. I have to press the key combination alttab twice to get back to NVDA, to hear "welcome to NVDA dialog. What exactly is happening here:
Added to that, It is just too slow, when I am working on the internet. Many times, it crashes when i am on a website, and I have to go back to the desktop, to start it again.
Sometimes, it take for ever for it to start reading a website. It sometimes crashes the site, and never gets to read anything. All I hear is Icon Icon.
Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I have NVDA 2019.2 on my computer.
I preferrably use Mozilla firefox as my browser.
The second issue or problem is this:
When I download a program and I attempt to install it, all I hear is the program name mentioned, then set up, and nothing gets set up.
I hope this particular problem is well understood.
How can I get to set up these programs when I hear set up, and after a long wait, nothing gets set up or installed.
I need help with both issues.
Kind regards.

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