Re: Some observations on usability aspects with Firefox and NVDA

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

I remember there is an item in  about:config to set when will the webpage be shown, fully loaded and shown or immediately shown while loading the remaining.

Felix G. 於 27/7/2016 13:41 寫道:

I'd like to ask if anyone else is observing the following with recent versions of Firefox. When loading a page, whose title we shall define as T, NVDA announces chatter of the following structure:
T Mozilla Firefox. Unknown. Unknown. T Mozilla Firefox. T document
Now if you substitute anything substantial for T you can see how this would amount to a lot of sylables with no useful information content.
Also, Alt+Tabbing to Firefox produces:
T Mozilla Firefox, T document
Finally, are there plans to implement a way of finding out if a page has been fully loaded? I quite often find myself in the middle of reading a paragraph when suddenly some asynchronous update happens and the review cursor is thrown back a few lines or to the previous heading, to name but two instances.
Any suggestions on any of those?
Kind regards,
Felix Grützmacher

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