TOC Question Tags and NVDA


I'm working on a document that started in Word (Office 365) on a PC running Windows 10 with a three page properly built TOC. I've exported the document to Acrobat as a pdf. The links on the TOC work properly when I click on them.

I am now going in and doing accessibility remediation and using NVDA to read to the document. I've made the leader dots in the TOC artifacts and am left with the Heading and page number.The screen reader is reading some of the section numbers incorrectly (as dates rather than section numbers) so I've gone in and put in actual text.

As soon as I put in actual text the reader stops reading the link if I'm using the arrow keys up and down to toggle between TOC items. If I use the tab key to navigate between the TOC items, NVDA reads the link.

My tags look something like this:

       Table of Contents

Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? I am a relative NVDA novice. 


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