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As far as I know, screen-readers that use the MSAA buffer, such as NVDA, don't display the page or let you move around in it before the page has fully loaded.
I''m not sure what is causing the behavior you are describing.  If a page fully refreshes, the expected behavior is that you will be returned to the top and reading will begin from the top.  If some certain part of the page is being refreshed, my speculation is that that may account for what you are experiencing if you are reading that part of the page. 
I'm not sure if you can control such behavior.  But you can try changing a setting in options.
Do you know how to find the checkbox that says something like warn me when sites attempt to redirect or reload the page? 
If not, I'll tell you.  But I have no idea if that setting would have any effect on this problem because if anything, only a part of a page is being refreshed, such as a region containing updating information such as a stock ticker or certain text on a page that may need to be kept current.  I doubt this setting has any effect on such behavior, though I don't know.

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I remember there is an item in  about:config to set when will the webpage be shown, fully loaded and shown or immediately shown while loading the remaining.

Felix G. 於 27/7/2016 13:41 寫道:
I'd like to ask if anyone else is observing the following with recent versions of Firefox. When loading a page, whose title we shall define as T, NVDA announces chatter of the following structure:
T Mozilla Firefox. Unknown. Unknown. T Mozilla Firefox. T document
Now if you substitute anything substantial for T you can see how this would amount to a lot of sylables with no useful information content.
Also, Alt+Tabbing to Firefox produces:
T Mozilla Firefox, T document
Finally, are there plans to implement a way of finding out if a page has been fully loaded? I quite often find myself in the middle of reading a paragraph when suddenly some asynchronous update happens and the review cursor is thrown back a few lines or to the previous heading, to name but two instances.
Any suggestions on any of those?
Kind regards,
Felix Grützmacher

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