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There are different review modes and just asking what the review keys are will leave you unable to review the screen in many cases.  Therefore, you need to use the user guide to learn about them or a good tutorial, whichever you prefer.  Of course, there is always personal instruction but I assume you don't want that. 
If you want to understand object navigation, you may need a good tutorial.  I'll let others discuss what is available that covers the subject well.  I'm not familiar enough with such material.  If you want to use screen review and not learn object navigation for now, you may well understand the user guide discussion.  Screen review is similar to the kind of screen review you may know in JAWS.
But there are situations where you must use object navigation, so it depends on what you want and need to do.

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Hi folks
Can anyone tell me what are the screen review shortcuts please?
Thanks in advance


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