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I don't think by default anything is in the list, its up to each person to enter them as needed.

I have on several synths had to tell it that Brian is not in fact said as breean but Bryan instead.
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I’m going to sound really thick here, I have gone into all three
dictionaries and can’t get NVDA to speak the list of entries in either the
default dictionary or the voice dictionary. I want to get the word Co to say
just that, not company or county , I want this whether there is a full stop
after it or not. There is obviously an entry in the list pertaining to this
which I want to delete, but first I need to find it in the list, as I said,
I can’t get the list spokenin order to focus on this entry.
Can anyone elaborate on how to read the list? Thank you in advance.

Best Regards, Jim.

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You can do this via the speech dictionaries. To edit the dictionary:

1. Press NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu
2. Press P for preferences
3. Press enter or d for default dictionary, v for voice dictionary or t for
temporary dictionary:

a.. Default: rules in this dictionary affect all speech in NVDA.
a.. Voice: rules in this dictionary affect speech for the synthesizer voice
currently being used.
a.. Temporary: rules in this dictionary affect all speech in NVDA, but only
for the current session. These rules are temporary and will be lost if NVDA
is restarted.

4. Press alt+a to add a new rule

5. Type "co." (with the dot but without the quotes)
6. Press tab
7. Type the new word (county)
8. Press enter
9. Press TAB four times to get to the OK button
10. Press ENTER.

More information on the dictionaries here:

Kind regards


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I wonder if anyone can advise how I can get NVDA to say “County” when it
meets the contraction “Co.” in an address line?

I am using “ETI Eloquence” as my speech engine in NVDA 2016.2 and Windows

This is the common way to present the County in both the UK and Ireland.
For example, I live in County Wicklow and this is represented in my address
line as “Co. Wicklow”. However, NVDA says “Company Wicklow” every time!

How can I fix this?

All advice and thoughts are welcome.

All the best,


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