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Monte Single

Wow, that formatting page covers a lot of ground.

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11.1.14. Document Formatting (NVDA+control+d) Most of the checkboxes in this category are for configuring what type of formatting you wish to have reported as you move the cursor around documents. For example, if you check the report font name checkbox, each time you arrow onto text with a different font, the name of the font will be announced.
The document formatting options are organized into groups. You can configure reporting of:
• Font
◦ Font name
◦ Font size
◦ Font attributes
◦ Emphasis
◦ Style
◦ Colors
• Document information
◦ Comments
◦ Editor revisions
◦ Spelling errors

On 11/15/2019 2:17 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi list,

In my new installation of nvda on win10, I sometimes hear “spelling error”.

How can I turn this feature off?



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