Re: Question re. add-on ClipSpeak (was: [nvda] Keynote for NVDA)



No, not ready for Python 3 just yet. Also note that not all clipboard operations will be announced – the add-on will tell you something was copied, but that doesn’t mean things will get copied in every situation.




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Subject: Question re. add-on ClipSpeak (was: [nvda] Keynote for NVDA)


Hi, Sky:

I second your request for incorporating the ClipSpeak add-on into the core of NVDA. Thanks for alerting me to it. This add-on is very useful, and its “actions” are also presented on Braille displays. Is it already compatible with Python 3?






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It sounds like you guys are having a really cool time, sadly, the days the conference is on are my weekend.

And I can't sit in front of a device all day long so I will have to listen to recordings like allways.



On 17/11/2019 7:51 pm, Sky Mundell wrote:

Hello everybody and the NVDA Conference folks. Sky here. I wanted to let you guys know that I went on TeamTalk and listened to the keynote, and it was the greatest keynote I ever heard! I am also very happy that it is being sustainable for the future and so on and so forth. As an adaptive technology specialist training blind folks how to use screen reading software I can tell you folks that I defenatly do training on NVDA, and my clients enjoy it too!  however, I am finding a shortcoming with it that I think could be addressed in future versions, and I will list it below.

Often times when I train on NVDA, one of the first things I will do is I will download the clipboard speak add-on, so that the client knows when they have copied text to the clipboard. Is there any chance that this function could be put into the core? The reason is that it would save myself from having to add the function and it would also help some of my less technically minded clients. Because often times, as we all know, the less technically minded clients want things to be able to work straight out of the box, and they’re not going to fight with their screen reader just to get something to work. Thanks, Sky.

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