Re: How works the Windows 10 app essential?


At least on older NVDA releases, Windows 10 App Essentials add-on will let
NVDA recognize more tooltips, more search fields, along with supporting
technologies from recent Windows 10 releases. In newer NVDA releases,
Windows 10 App Essentials is used to supplement NVDA by doing things such as
tracking UIA events for debugging purposes, announcing tile arrangements in
Action Center, announcing answers from Cortana in upcoming Cortana versions
and what not.
Typically when Microsoft introduces a new feature in Windows 10
(particularly if it is a user-visible change) via a Windows Insider Preview
build, Windows 10 App Essentials will try its best to support it first and
give users a chance to test-drive new Windows 10 features (i.e. I'm known
for staying up late into the night to "wrestle" with Windows 10 just to
improve usability of a feature if it doesn't work for users in the
beginning). As such, this add-on is very sensitive to changes in Windows 10
development, hence the reason for its existence.

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I am not sure precisely what the differences are between NVDA with and
without Windows 10 essentials. I just install it because it supposedly helps
with things, but I don't really use any Windows 10 universal apps, or any of
the built-in apps, so I'm not sure it is helping much here.

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