Re: NVDA Announcing Highlighted Text in Microsoft Word #msftaccessibility

Quentin Christensen

Hi Justine,

This is a known issue - we have it listed on our GitHub issues page here:

At this stage, NVDA won't read the highlight normally.  NVDA does have an experimental advanced feature which will read it.  If you open NVDA's options.  Press NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu, then p for preferences and S for settings.  Press END to jump to the "Advanced" category.  TAB to the "I understand that changing these settings may cause NVDA to function incorrectly and check that, then tab to "Use UI Automation to access Microsoft Word document controls when available" and enable that.

This option uses a different method to get information about text in Microsoft Word.  It does note the highlight background colour correctly, however it may cuase other features not to work correctly.

Kind regards


On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 7:59 AM <justinekylloe@...> wrote:
Hi all. 
My students and myself are running NVDA on a Lenovo Thinkpad and in NVDA preferences under document formatting and under font we have selected font attributes, emphasis, style, and color. When in Microsoft Word, it is not announcing when text is highlighted. Is this possible?

Thank you,
Justine K.

Quentin Christensen
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