Re: Important notice on Joseph Lee's add-ons: NVDACon 2019 announcements, NVDA 2019.3 compatibility and add-on updates

Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@...>

i use the alfa branch of nvda.
how to use the screen curtain function

On 11/18/19, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Dear NVDA community,

First, thank you to everyone who came to NVDACon 2019. A special thank you
to everyone who showed up to an informal add-on users meeting for my

As part of the user meeting, a number of important announcements were made,

* NVDA 2019.3 compatibility: almost all of my add-ons are compatible -
the lone exception is Screen Curtain, as the functionality is now part of
NVDA 2019.3. This add-on will be no more the day NVDA 2019.3 stable version
is released to the public.
* Add-on update releases: in the next few weeks, various add-ons will
be updated to require NVDA 2019.3. This will be done in waves: starting
development snapshots for StationPlaylist and Windows 10 App Essentials on
November 19, followed by more add-ons once NVDA 2019.3 stable version is
released, ending with Add-on Updater in February 2020.
* No going back after installing Python 3 strict add-ons: after
installing any add-on that requires NVDA 2019.3 (from my collection), there
is no going back. In particular, StationPlaylist add-on uses parts of
3 that isn't backwards compatible, so going back to an earlier version will
not be possible (nor recommended).
* Several add-ons are leaving my nest: by February 1, 2020, I'll be
handing over the following add-ons to the community for further
Easy Table Navigator, Golden Cursor, ObjPad, SystrayList. For Golden Cursor
and SystrayList, version 4.0 is on its way, requiring NVDA 2019.3.
* Windows 10 App Essentials and October 2018 Update: the last Windows
10 App Essentials release to support Windows 10 October 2018 Update
1809) will be 20.01.x.

Special notice for StationPlaylist and Windows 10 App Essentials snapshot
users: if you are using NVDA 2019.2.1 or earlier, you would have received a
notice about requiring NVDA 2019.3 from November 20, 2019 onwards. This
indeed happen - a snapshot destined for November 19th will require NVDA
2019.3 in any form, which will be enforced on November 20, 2019.

Thank you.



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