Re: NVDA freezes in IntelliJ

Henk Mulder

Hello Gene,

Unfortunately that won't help. IntelliJ is a Java application. Therefore you need the Java Access bridge in order to be able to use it with NVDA. The problem is that the Java Access Bridge will only load if the accessibility service is running. Thus if NVDA is not running while I start the application, I won't be able to work with the program since the access bridge isn't loaded.
On a similar note: if you restart NVDA while working with the program, you also lose the access bridge and need to restart the program as well.


Op 18/11/2019 om 16:19 schreef Gene:

What happens if you unload NVDA, run the other program, then run NVDA again?
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA freezes in IntelliJ


Using NVDA 2019.2.1, NVDA randomly freezes when I open IntelliJ IDE
(Community edition 2019.2.4).
When it happens, NVDA hangs and won't report anything (also when
switching to other applications with alt+tab). Also IntelliJ hangs and
will not open the current project. The only thing I can do is to start
Windows Narrator, which does keep working, and end the IntelliJ process
via the task manager. When the IntelliJ process is killed NVDA unfreezes.

Is there a way to make sure, or to increase the chance, that I can start
IntelliJ without NVDA and IntelliJ locking each other?

When NVDA is back I have the following snippet in the log viewer:

WARNING - watchdog._watcher (10:08:48.759):
Core frozen in stack:
   File "nvda.pyw", line 231, in <module>
   File "core.pyo", line 519, in main
   File "wx\core.pyo", line 2134, in MainLoop
   File "gui\__init__.pyo", line 1003, in Notify
   File "core.pyo", line 489, in run
   File "IAccessibleHandler.pyo", line 889, in pumpAll
   File "IAccessibleHandler.pyo", line 663, in processFocusWinEvent
   File "IAccessibleHandler.pyo", line 534, in winEventToNVDAEvent
   File "NVDAObjects\IAccessible\__init__.pyo", line 46, in
   File "NVDAObjects\__init__.pyo", line 85, in __call__
   File "NVDAObjects\IAccessible\__init__.pyo", line 412, in
   File "JABHandler.pyo", line 707, in isJavaWindow


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