Re: help with Clip Contents Designer add on please

Luke Davis

Hi Luke. I don't use this add-on, but I went and installed it to see if I could answer your question. The things I'll do for people with the same name... :)

You wrote:

I am hoping to
do a input gesture and change the copy added text to clipboard  command which is NVDA + windows + C to something else because that key combination is too
awkward for me. I have never done a input gesture before.  I went to preferences, input gestures, text review and saw that 1  of the 2 key board commands
this add on uses is there which is described as  clear the clipboard  in the manual, but  when in the text review menu it says’ Deletes the added text and
the content of the clipboard “ . I can’t find the command I want to change with a input gesture which is  NVDA + windows + c which adds selected text to the
clipboard. I am thinking if one of the two commands are there the other is hopefully there too. Does anybody know where I can find it?
You have to go way down to the bottom of the Text review subtree. Quite near the end, you will find this:

Retrieves the selected string or the text from the previously set start marker up to and including the current position of the review cursor, and adds it to the clipboard.

Expand that item, go down one, and you will find what you're looking for.

Also, Since I have
downloaded this add on  every time I use the  plain copy to clipboard NVDA + C, I get a dialogue box coming up  saying  if I want to confirm and copy to the
clipboard. That displeases me very much LOL. Very annoying Lol.  Does anyone know how  to get rid of that?  I did go to, preferences, settings,  then Clip
Contents Designer   and there was options in there, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.
Yeah, that's the place. Go there again. Tab over to "Select the actions which require previous confirmation". Once there, press down arrow until you get to the checkbox "Confirm to emulate copy", and uncheck it.
You had the option to turn copy emulation on or off when installing the add-on--apparently you said yes at that time.
Anyway, uncheck it, tab to OK, press it, and you should have the desired behavior.

You may also want to turn off "Confirm to emulate cut" while you're at it.
However, before turning either of them off, look at the following combo box. You may just want to change when those confirmations happen. The default is "always", but there are two other options that may be more to your liking without turning off the emulation options.


Luke (one of the other ones)

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