Re: Clickable objects on webpages

John J. Boyer

I have come across objects that can't be activated from the keyboard at all. Not even the simulated mouse click keys will work. This is a clear viol.ation of
accessibilityh guidelines.


On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 03:19:41PM -0600, Gene wrote:
A lot of clickable objects can be activated with enter. But as with other structures, some web page designers don't make them respond to enter so you have to use other ways, such as the simulated mouse, which is evidently one of the things you use.
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I have come across lists of clickable objects on a webpage that are not
links and that do not appear when you enter edit mode either. They can
be clicked with a mouse, but don't respond to enter or space.

Is there another way to access clickable things like this with NVDA?


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