When you want to "take time off" from any Groups.io Group


I have noticed recently that we've had several members who were long time members unsubscribe and then resubscribe several months later, and by all indications this was to "take a break" or "take time off" from the group.   It's not that one cannot do this, but if you do then your membership ceases and when you resubscribe your first message will be held for moderation, as is typical as a spam control measure.

It is, however, possible to simply suspend e-mail messages from this, or any given Groups.io group, but without removing your membership and creating a hold on your first message when you resubscribe.

The easiest way to temporarily turn off messages from a group is to send a message to, GROUPNAME+nomail@groups.io.  In the case of this group, that would be nvda+nomail@groups.io or nvda+nomail@nvda.groups.io; either should work.

When you want to resume your participation, if you've been getting single messages prior to your hiatus, then send a message to, GROUPNAME+single@groups.io.  In the case of this group that would be either nvda+single@groups.io or nvda+single@nvda.groups.io; either should work.

If you were reading via digest or just getting special notices, use one of the following:


To receive plain digests instead of individual messages


To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages


To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages


To only receive special messages

where you'd substitute nvda for GROUPNAME in the addresses above.  The same basic pattern applies with regard to other groups.  You can also use any of the above addresses to switch your subscription type as well, if you're already receiving single messages and want one of the digests, then send a message to the appropriate address for the digest type you want and you'll be switched to it.  Vice versa if you want to go the other direction.

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