Re: Changing synth on the fly

Sarah k Alawami

Hey, letting you know, you sent this to the wrong group. I am positive you already knew this but just in case.

Take care and happy wednesday.

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On 20 Nov 2019, at 14:05, Chris via Groups.Io wrote:

No your friend is wrong

The iPhone 5s is not compatible with IOS 13

Nor is the iPhone 6


Sorry you are out of luck guys



From: Mallard
Sent: 20 November 2019 22:01
Subject: [nvda] Changing synth on the fly


Hello all,



For the first time I-ve installed Windows10 in English, instead of Italian.


Now, for the most part I use English as my operating language on pc, but

I do have quite a lot of mail in Italian.



Since i like the English voice / George / of OneCore, but I can-t stand

the Italian voices,


I-d ilke to use another tts for Italian.



I have at the back of my mind that therewas either a command or an

add/on to change tts on teh fly.



Is that true, or have I just made it up_


What is the command, or where can I get the add/on_



Thanks, sorry about this basic question, but I never needed this before.









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