Nvda problem in Word


Hi group,

a friend of mine has a problem in word.

Here is, what he wrote:

Hello fans. With NVDA I have a problem when moving in Word. When I open a document and start to move it letter by letter, word by word, by sentence or paragraph by paragraph, and NVDA often reads text twice. E.g. when I move the letters and say, need space, so sometimes when you press the left or right arrow tells the gap again, even if there is already another character. When you press the keyboard shortcut that reads a character on which the navigator object within the review cursor, to the sign reads. Or when you press the left and right arrow so it repeats the letter, which was the first down arrow. Do you know what it could be? I tried to run NVDA and accessories are prohibited, but it did not help. I have Microsoft Office 2013 and NVDA 2019.2. Michal health.


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