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anthony borg

Hi david
Firstly thank you for your help.
I was referring to NVDA goldwave add-on. I don't use jaws.

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I don't personally think it is feasible to have goldwave explained to you via a couple of email. If you are unfamiliar with it, you will need to study.
I have put a Dropbox link to a zip containing several hours of tutorials below.
The tutorials are long in the tooth, several years old now and also assume you are using Jaws. Actually I discovered when I went through it, although they did not explain this, also Jaws Scripts.
Nevertheless I know of nothing else for using GoldWave with a Screenreader, so I hope that it will help you get started.
If anybody knows of anything more recent from a purely NVDA perspective I would also be interested.
I would suggest you ensure you also install the NVDA GoldWave addon which may help you with feedback from the program and provide similar extra information as provided by jaws Scripts.
I have only just posted this to DropBox so the link will probably not work immediately.
If it does not work then wait an hour and try again.

David Griffith
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Hi folks
Can somebody explain to me how to use gold wave or if there is any tutorial please?
Thanks in advance


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