Re: Changing synth on the fly


Hey there Ron,

Thanks. No... I wanted to change synth...



On 21/11/2019 01:33, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Ollie,

I am a bit confused because when I read this thread, I see references to an iPhone.  Since this is the list for NVDA, I would think you were referring to NVDA.

Using NVDA, the hotkey to bring up the list of installed synthesizers is Insert + control + S.  Then use up/down arrow keys to choose a different synthesizer.  Make sure you have installed the desired synthesizer first. Otherwise it will not show up in the list of synthesizers after pressing the hotkey.

On the other hand, if you want to change the voice used by a synthesizer, the hotkey is insert + control + V.  This brings up a box with  the default synthesizer.  Then tab once to choose a different voice.

On 11/20/2019 5:01 PM, Mallard wrote:
Hello all,

For the first time I-ve installed Windows10 in English, instead of Italian.

Now, for the most part I use English as my operating language on pc, but I do have quite a lot of mail in Italian.

Since i like the English voice / George / of OneCore, but I can-t stand the Italian voices,

I-d ilke to use another tts for Italian.

I have at the back of my mind that therewas either a command or an add/on to change tts on teh fly.

Is that true, or have I just made it up_

What is the command, or where can I get the add/on_

Thanks, sorry about this basic question, but I never needed this before.



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