Re: Reading Margin Comments in Word with NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

NvDA remote is not paid. I dunno where you got that notion, unless someone told you off list falsely. And firefox has not a thing to do with your word issue. There was a discussion on the archives just a few days ago regarding your issue in fact.

Take care

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On 21 Nov 2019, at 9:08, David Russell wrote:

Hi Group,

I recently accepted the latest update from FireFox. In MS Word, 2013,
I have it so attachments open using WordPad. Previously, I had removed
any protection blockers, but that went away with this new version of
Hence, I cannot use any of the recommended to access added comments at
the margins in a word document.
I tried browse mode, I tried insert f7 to open an elements list. Nada.

I am getting a new all-in-one PC, Win10, and will install the latest
NVDA, now using 2018.4.
The issue is these blankin updates from Mozilla.

Where do I find remote support for NVDA, and realize it is a pay-for service?
This is to "damn" complicated for me.
David Russell
"Hakuna Matata" no worries!

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