Braille displays missing from "Braille Display" combo box

Nicolai Svendsen


I never paid attention to this until I actually had to use it with another display. Hopefully someone else has had this happen and has a fix.

I have a BrailleSensePolaris, and have to use it with NVDA. I've gone ahead and installed the driver so I can use it via USB as well (HIMS link in users guide seems broken, at least I got nothing out of that), and it refuses to show up. In fact, displays like Freedom Scientific aren't showing up either, even though I've used it with other software before. Weirdly, I grabbed a laptop at work with nothing but clean Windows 10 1909, launched NVDA, and more displays showed up on that particular computer than has been the case on the one I am currently using, even without me installing anything else except NVDA.

What gives? Not seeing HIMS at all, in fact. Display pairs fine with Bluetooth, NVDA just doesn't show it. Running NVDA 2019.2.1. I see another thread on this exact issue a year ago, and no solution was forthcoming in that topic.


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