Re: skip word

Don H

sorry need something english so I can read it.

On 11/23/2019 12:06 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
You must use a application specific dictionary...
You can accomplish that with an add-on.
Get it in:
Python 2 (NVDA 2019.2.1):
Python 3 (NVDA last Alphas or 2019.3):
Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team
Tiflotecnia, Lda.
Às 17:12 de 23/11/2019, Don H escreveu:
OK I figured out if I wanted NVDA to not say something like "title o" I could place a entry in the default dictionary and just leave the replace with empty.
Now my question is can you set words not to be spoken only in a particular app like Google chrome?

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