Re: Broken file list in open/save dialogs?

Luke Davis

Well I can tell you something I have done, not quite in similar situations, but to achieve the same thing:

Usually in a save-as, the first thing you are in is a text field where you can type your filename. In such fields, you can always type a fully qualified path.
So, for example, you could do: Alt+F, A, then type:


But you could just as easily type:

c:\users\damien\documents\MIDI files\projects\something.mid

I will note that capitalization for existing paths doesn't matter generally.

Now, if that is a pain to type, and you find yourself using the same path often, you can do something like this:

Windows+R, and type:

subst z: "c:\Users\Damien\Documents\My MIDI Files\projects"

Now, when you do the save as, you can just type:


In the text field, and it will go to that folder.



On Sat, 23 Nov 2019, Damien Garwood wrote:

Since I also have the same problem in the "save as" dialog, is there anything you could suggest for saving new files that I create?

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