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Same here: I am using a wireless keyboard on this laptop from my old dead computer.  I like it.


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I agree, laptop keyboards are a pain.  I have been using a desktop wireless keyboard with my laptop for years and it is great.  I also use a wireless headset Jlab Neon wireless Bluetooth headset.  With the two wireless keyboard and headset I can sit comfortably away from laptop and use it.




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To be honest, I have noticed that laptop keyboards have gotten harder and harder to use.

Mouse or no mouse.

There is a way of typing so you don't rest your hands on the pad but a lot of keys are half keys.

I don't care for laptop boards but that could also be tdue to the fact that while at home I use a gaming board and don't need to bother about the laptop.



On 24/11/2019 7:09 am, Gene wrote:

That suggestion points to a possible solution, but not the one suggested.  However, pointing to the possible solution is useful and may result in the problem being solved. 


The only way that idea makes sense is if a mouse pad is active on a laptop or if something is moving a physical mouse connected to a computer.  In that case, turning mouse tracking off won't help to a meaningful extent.  The mouse pad must either be turned off or physically blocked by something covering it or the physical mouse must be disconnected or placed in such a way that it is no longer changing its position.  Not doing so will cause loss of focus as the mouse pad moves focus to wherever it is moved, such as to the task bar or desktop or somewhere else.  Turning mouse tracking off won't solve that problem. 



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Press NVDA+ctrl+m and uncheck Enable mouse tracking.
See if that fixes it. My guess is you're moving the mouse, and it's reading.
On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 10:04:32AM -0600, Howard Traxler wrote:
> Help!?  All of a sudden, my speech seems to trip over itself.  Using Windows
> 10 1809, NVDA 2019.1.1 and eloquence.  Sometimes it starts to speak and says
> part of what's highlighted, then interrupts with something else.  It happens
> in thunderbird, firefox, file explorer, and in the NVDA menu itself.  Is
> there something in NVDA to fix this or is it something in Windows?
> Appreciate ideas.  Thank you.
> Howard


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