Re: voice pronounciation

anthony borg

hi chris
no it is an english word. Thank you very much for the info.


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Hi Anthony
I have tried this voice and cannot reproduce any situations where it doesn't
pronounce the letter h. If it is a local word then it may have an unusual
way of being pronounced, in whichcase you can use NVDA
menu/Preferences/Speech dictionaries/voice dictionary to specify the
mispronounced word and a replacement word written in such a way as you make
it sound the way you want it to sound. Once defined, that word wil be
spoken as you havespecified when encountered in text using NVDA.

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Hi folks
I am using with NVDA screen reader one of the microsoft voices mark, my
problem is, that it doesn't pronounce the letter H when it part of a word.
Is there a way in NVDA how I can correct it please?
Thanks in advance


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