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Hello all, if you have access to Be My Eyes, they have a direct hotline to Microsoft under specialized help. It’s open 24 hours. They are really really helpful.

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As others have noted, the Feedback Hub, or the Disability Answer Desk are two main options for reaching out to Microsoft.  The DAD is available from:

Just having a look on the feedback hub, I can't see this issue listed.  I also can't reproduce it using Windows 10 version 1903 build 18362.388 with NVDA.  I did find that when you search for something in the start menu, Windows will first search for programs and other things and documents seem to come after a pause - NVDA can still read everything, it's just that documents won't be listed yet.  But that is just Windows search being slow and sounds different to the issue you are having.


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Use the Feedback Hub in WIN 10 Robert. Press WIN key plus F to launch it.

On 11/23/2019 6:43 PM, Loy wrote:

Using JAWS and latest  Windows 10 1909, it works as it should for me.
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Does anyone know how I can report general accessibility bugs to Microsoft, other than Twitter? I've been recently having a bug where, if I have a screen reader turned on in windows 10, any screen reader, and I look for a document using the search function in the start menu, hitting enter does nothing. At all. Same for apps too. Some said it's an NVDA bug but I doubt it very much. I don't have Josephs windows 10 add on, so how could I write to Microsoft's accessibility team? Does anyone have a form link or an email address?

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